Working with Amazon consultants - Testimonial - Groupe Marie Claire x Les Pitchous

Groupe Marie Claire x Les Pitchous - We accelerate brand growth on Amazon

We asked one of our customers to share his testimonial on the work done by the members of the Les Pitchous team since the beginning of the collaboration a few months ago.

1. Could you please introduce yourself? 

I'm Martin, e-commerce director for the Marie Claire group, which has four clothing brands, a personal care brand and a lifestyle brand that mixes fashion, furniture and decoration. 

2. What were your main Amazon issues before working with Les Pitchous?

Our brands are well known in Quebec, but very little in the rest of Canada. We wanted to develop this market through the Amazon platform. We have six brands with thousands of products. We had to determine which products were likely to stand out on this platform. Some of our products belong to the cosmetics range, and we were faced with various Amazon requirements for selling this type of product. To strengthen our positioning on the platform, we not only needed to know the ad management tool, but also the display algorithms, how promotions work and the various programs it is advantageous to join. 

3. What do you enjoy most about working with Les Pitchous?

Les Pitchous' in-depth knowledge of the Amazon environment saved considerable time at every stage of the process. From the creation of product sheets to the shipment of merchandise, from the various compliance requests to the management of advertising and promotions, Les Pichous provided sound advice and effective solutions. Les Pitchous have always been rigorous in their interactions with both our team and Amazon support. Regular follow-ups and transparent communication have strengthened our mutual trust, contributing to a smooth and efficient collaboration. 

4. Why would you recommend Les Pitchous?

Their in-depth understanding of the different facets of Amazon makes it easy to put products on sale quickly and efficiently.


Working with Amazon consultants from Les Pitchous means you'll get 5-star service every day, and the performance you need to grow your Amazon account over the long term. (Via Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central).

Our customers are located in Canada, the United States and France. We'll let you read Martin's testimonial (Directeur-Ecommerce) from Groupe Marie-Claire.

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