Amazon's commitment to the environment

Amazon and ecology

Amazon has often been at the origin of some controversies, especially in terms of ecology. Indeed, the distribution giant has not always been credible in its commitments, both in terms of wages and ecology. Especially when the great leader Jeff Bezos flies over the Earth. This has raised many questions in terms of ethics and ecology.

However, Amazon has made ecological commitments that are not yet widely known.

As part of its goal of zero net emissions by 2040, here are the various green commitments Amazon has made in recent years:

1 - Creation of "The Climate Pledge" fund

The Climate Pledge Fund is an institutional venture capital fund that invests in companies creating products and services to help reduce carbon footprints and facilitate companies' transition to net zero carbon production.

This fund is intended for all kinds of companies belonging to sectors such as transport and logistics, energy production, storage and utilization, materials production, circular economy and food and agriculture.

The goal of the Climate Pledge Fund is to demonstrate that collective effort can accelerate the transition to a net zero emissions world.

2 - Invest in sustainable operations

To reduce its CO2 emissions and improve the energy efficiency of its operations, Amazon relies on a global and scientific approach.

Indeed, the multinational is on track to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. In 2020, Amazon has become the main institutional buyer of renewable energy in the world. This represents 65% of its total consumption, all activities combined. For example, Amazon is behind the largest rooftop solar installation in the state of Colorado.

Amazon has also created the "Shipment Zero" program. This represents 50% of the deliveries made by the multinational, or zero net emissions by 2030. To achieve this, the distribution activities related to shipping packages must result in zero net emissions, from the distribution center where the item is picked up, through the packaging materials used, to the mode of transportation chosen to deliver the package to the customer.

Concerning the packaging, the company preferred not to overpack the packages and to use 100% recyclable materials. Currently, an experiment is taking place in India. The latter consists in sending Amazon parcels in their original packaging and transporting them in protective containers that can be reused by the deliverers.

3 - More responsible transportation

Speaking of shipping, here too Amazon has decided to make some changes.

In 2019, Amazon ordered 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian. Amazon aims to have all of them in operation by 2030.

In fact, the e-commerce giant has placed an order for approximately 2,500 trucks with Lion Electric of Saint-Jérôme, Quebec. This Quebec company will provide maintenance and training to Amazon's teams. This is a boon for the company, which began its energy transformation in 2011. 

From now on, a "Shipment Zero" order will be transported in an electric delivery vehicle, or delivered by a delivery person on foot or by bicycle. In 2020, in North America and Europe, Amazon delivered more than 20 million packages by electric vehicle.

But that's not all. The retail giant is also keen to expand alternative delivery methods.

In the densest urban centers, such as New York, Paris and Tokyo, packages are delivered by bicycle or even on foot, using carts. The bicycles are still conventional but also electric to make delivery easier for the delivery people.

Amazon is also experimenting with autonomous delivery. The "Amazon Scout" and "Prime Air" drones are autonomous, electrically powered devices that can deliver packages without the use of a delivery vehicle. The goal is to be able to transport small packages quickly, safely and sustainably.

The objective is to use as much renewable energy as possible

4 - An investment in natural solutions

In 2019, Amazon created the "Right Now Climate Fund. A $100 million donation dedicated to restoring and conserving forests, wetlands and grasslands around the world. This action allows Amazon to take immediate action to prevent and eliminate CO2 emissions by supporting natural solutions to combat global warming.

The retail giant identifies initiatives that reduce CO2 emissions, while empowering people to take action at their level to protect wildlife.

Amazon has been involved in various struggles, such as providing 20 million euros in funding for projects to improve environmental conditions in Europe. The first beneficiary will be Italy with a program to plant 22 million trees in urban areas, in order to strengthen biodiversity in cities.

Likewise, the multinational is committed to the protection of tropical forests on a global scale. That's why in 2021, Amazon joined the LEAF project, whose goal is to protect tropical rainforests in order to support sustainable development and every person dependent on these forests.

Thus, Amazon shows its involvement and its desire to change things, especially in the ecological impact.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyone. But this health crisis has also allowed us to reconsider the resilience of humanity and the planet by showing how our actions have a considerable environmental impact. That's why the commitment of these multinationals is so important to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

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