3 effective ways to use Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

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If you sell on Amazon Seller Central, you've probably seen the news. Amazon has launched a feature with huge potential. It's called Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions.

In concrete terms, this feature enables brands to create specific promotional offers based on well-defined audience segments.

We had the chance to test this new feature with several customers.

1. Go to Brand Tailored Promotions

If you don't yet have access to Brand Tailored Promotions, please go to the USER PERMISSIONS menu and then GLOBAL USER PERMISSIONS.

You can then access this feature by following the steps below:


You can create your Brand Tailored campaigns at this stage.

2. Audiences available with Amazon's Brand Tailored Promotions

With this new feature, Amazon makes it easy for you to target consumers by creating campaigns based on the following options:

  • Potential new customers
  • Recurring customers
  • Recent customers
  • High-spending customers (TOP 5% of customers who spend the most on Amazon for your brand)
  • Customers who have abandoned a brand product in their shopping cart (in the last 90 days)
  • Brand subscribers

For each of these audiences, you'll need to create a promotional offer (Example: -25%).

Once your promotional campaign is launched, your offer will be available on your product page, in the shopping cart or in the special promotion section.

3. Going further with Amazon Customer Engagement

A few months ago, Amazon launched an interesting feature that only allowed you to communicate directly with the brand's followers. Depending on your situation, you could have access to the following different audiences: High Spend Customers, Recent Customers and Repeat Customers.

4. To go even further... (Technique Les Pitchous)

By analyzing the data available in the Brand Analytics tool (via Search Query Performance) in your Seller Central account, you'll be able to identify the keywords that perform best in your conversion tunnel. For example, by calculating the difference between people who added products to their Amazon shopping cart and people who purchased, you can easily identify keywords with a high cart abandonment rate.

In the example below with the keyword "Les Pitchous", we have 975 additions to the basket and 365 purchases. That's 610 people who abandoned their basket.

Once you've identified this list of keywords, while coupling your efforts with the launch of your Brand Tailored Promotions campaign on the audience of "Customers who have abandoned a branded product in their shopping cart you can rework the structure of your current Ads campaigns or create new ones.

This technique will enable you to maximize all the tools made available by Amazon to accelerate the growth of your business on Amazon.

If you need help with your Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central account, you can contact us here.