The Subscribe and Save program, a way to increase your sales

What is this program?

The subscribe and save 5% program is a program that allows you to set up a regular shipment of your products chosen by the customer in exchange for a certain percentage for him.

When a customer subscribes to this program, they have the ability to choose the product, the number of products they wish to be delivered and how often their deliveries will be made. They receive a 5% discount per subscription if they subscribe to four products or less. If the customer decides to subscribe to a fifth product, they receive a 15% discount on their entire order.

Why use this program as a salesperson? 

It's fair to say that when a program saves consumers time and money, it will always be a good deal. What makes the Amazon Subscribe & Save program worthwhile is that it's not just customers who stand to gain. Even sellers stand to gain given its appeal to buyers.

Here's why it may be beneficial for you to join this program:

1. Increase your visibility 

Products offered through the Amazon Subscribe & Save program are automatically added to the "Save by subscribing" storefront. So including your products in this program helps you gain visibility in the marketplace. Every time a customer browses the ASINs enabled for Amazon Subscribe & Save, that's additional exposure.

2. Promote brand loyalty

It's fair to say that the ability to subscribe and save can lead to brand loyalty and thus increase your market share. If you can convince someone to buy once, it's not a stretch to convince them to commit to buying indefinitely if they liked your product. 

3. Increase the potential for multiple purchases

The fact that the customer has two options already gives you an advantage. Whether they choose to make a one-time purchase or commit to recurring purchases in the future, both lead to a sale. Not every customer has to commit to future purchases to increase your revenue either.

4. Have a consistent income projection

Having the ability to keep some portion of repeat purchases through subscriptions can help you forecast at least some of your monthly income. It goes without saying that making accurate income forecasts is always good for business. Accurate forecasting helps you stabilize your income and make smarter investments. It can also help you secure financing given the reliability of your data.

Given these potential benefits, you'll want to make the most of this program as a seller. Optimizing your "subscribe and save " offers can help you maximize your revenue and encourage more people to stay loyal to your brand.

Here are some tips and tricks to consider to make the most of this program:

1. Do some research

Take the time to check out what the competition is doing. What kind of discounts are they offering? What products do they have in the program? Scouting will give you a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

2. View your customers' history

Take a closer look at the purchase history of your regular customers to see which products they prefer. This will give you a better idea of what to include in your bundles. Also check how often they buy different products to make sure you always have everything they need.

3. Create packages that make sense

There will always be items that go perfectly together. Shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent and fabric softener, baby diapers and wet wipes - products that complement each other perfectly.

You need to think of products that you can bundle and discount exclusively for orders: "subscribe and save". Experiment with different combinations and follow the results. The right discounts on the right packages can boost your sales.

4. Take your eligibility seriously

You must be registered with FBA before you can even apply to get your eligible offers in the Amazon Subscribe & Save program. You must also have a good seller performance score with a feedback score of at least 4.7 and a solid sales history over at least 3 months to be considered for the program.

Meeting inventory requirements is another very important factor. Amazon requires an in-stock percentage of 85% to remain eligible.

To conclude,

There's no doubt that the Amazon Subscribe & Save program offers a ton of benefits that go both ways.

While customers can save time and money, it also allows sellers to sell more and earn a larger, more stable income. However, enrolling products in the program is not enough to succeed.

If you want to get the most out of the program, you must work to maintain your eligibility. Be creative and consistently measure results.

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