6 reasons to use Amazon DSP campaigns in your digital marketing strategy

Amazon DSP

Have you heard of Amazon DSP campaigns but haven't tried them yet? Whether you want to increase brand awareness or acquire new customers, Amazon DSP could be for you.

Where to start?

Amazon DSP campaigns work on the same principle as Google Ads Display campaigns. Amazon DSP auctions are in real time and are available to all advertisers/brands who wish to use this advertising solution. (Whether you sell on Amazon or not)

4 types of DSP ads available

  • Static DSP ads

This is a static banner ad that allows traffic to be directed to the URL of their choice (Amazon product page or your website link).

  • Dynamic E-commerce DSP ads

These are the DSP ads that we recommend when you want to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings. Amazon DSP technology allows you to automatically adapt the format of your ads.

  • DSP video ads

These are video locations available on Amazon or on Amazon partner sites. You could target users on the Twitch platform.

  • OTT video ads

These campaigns are primarily visible on Amazon FIRE TV and are "Non Clickable & Non Skippable" which means that your target audience will be able to see your marketing content to the end.

The cost of Amazon DSP campaigns

Amazon DSP campaigns are charged on a CPM basis. You pay per thousand impressions. This compares to Amazon PPC campaigns (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Video Brands and Sponsored Display) where you pay per click. The barrier to entry for activating your Amazon DSP campaigns is higher than if you simply activate your Search or Amazon PPC campaigns.

In bonus.. Have you been told that you need to spend at least 30K per month to activate Amazon DSP campaigns? Well, with Pitchous, there is no minimum budget to invest each month. However, if you already sell on Amazon and have an Amazon PPC budget, we recommend that you invest at least minus 20-30% of your monthly advertising budget in your Amazon DSP campaigns.

DSP campaigns managed by Les Pitchous

Before launching our Consulting business for Amazon, we had the chance to develop our own working methodology by selling our products on Amazon. We are not experts in website design, Google Ads or Facebook ads, we specialise in bringing growth to our clients on Amazon. 

Les Pitchous is above all a story of friendship between Guillaume & Basile (the 2 co-founders of the company).

Co-founders Les Pitchous - Guillaume Heuzé & Basile Goutal

At Les Pitchous, we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. We continue to pass our certifications every year to stay on top of the latest developments. The Amazon DSP solution can be very expensive if you entrust your budget to the wrong partner. You'll waste time and money while your competitors continue to take market share.
Whether your goal is performance (sales growth) or visibility (increasing brand awareness), Amazon DSP could be the right solution for you.

Amazon DSP Certification
Amazon DSP Certification - United States
Amazon DSP Certification
Amazon DSP Certification - Canada

Tips for optimising your Amazon DSP campaigns

Problem: An Amazon DSP campaign has poor results and does not deliver enough


If you prioritise the deliverability of your Amazon DSP campaigns (vs. performance) you could potentially increase the bids or the frequency of display.

If you prioritise the performance of your Amazon DSP campaigns (vs. deliverability), you could further refine your audiences.

You might consider pausing this campaign and focusing on other Amazon DSP campaigns.

To conclude, why should you use Amazon DSP campaigns in your digital marketing strategy?

  1. Granularity of your target audiences
  2. Ability to reach your audience several times in their buying journey
  3. Increase your brand awareness
  4. Acquire new consumers
  5. Ability to run performance-based retargeting campaigns
  6. Accelerate your business growth

However, Amazon DSP is not a miracle solution to all your marketing challenges. If you decide to activate this solution, it must be part of a global approach integrating other cross-channel acquisition levers.

Would you like to improve the performance of your Amazon DSP campaigns or would you like to test this solution for your company? Let's talk.